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Mirropane Product Description

Mirropane is similar to our other product two way mirrors. With our Mirropane mirror its reflective on one side and has a grey tinted transparent side. Projects that are exciting to build with Mirropane are optical illusions, privacy, infinity everything from cubes to tables and most importantly to help with security purposes. Baking on the grey tinted coating will make the Mirropane highly durable and it will become a waterproof coating that’s easy to clean and resist scratches.

We have highly trained experts standing by ready to cut your creations and package them in a safe matter. We also offer an application for Edge Polishing. Edge polishing help show off an elegant exposed edge. Getting glass tempered helps high strengthen to help prevent breakage.

Our Specialty MirroPane

MirroPane is unique because its highly reflective on one side and the other is non-reflective. This effect helps enhance the privacy effect.

It's great for

It’s great for observation rooms, home security, infinity mirrors, candid camera shows, and stage illusions.

There are tons of possibilities for you to discover!


The Mirropane come in one thickness. The size is quarter inch or 6 milometers.

If you’d like something thinner we recommend our product Two Way Mirror Film.

Two Way Mirror Film is 70% reflective and 11% transparent.

We will help you with sizing for your film.

How fast do we ship products?

Shipping Information


We ship immediately once we get your product together. We store a large supply of Mirropane to be sure we can cut  your product quickly and efficiently. The moment we get your order we cut it that day.

Precision custom cuts!

Guaranteed Great Quality!

Also we ship World Wide!!

Do to size larger orders may take longer to ship.

Front and Back Side

Custom Features

With our Mirropane we keep large supply of big stock sheets. Meaning we can customize any shape you’d like with information you provide. In addition we can add tempering and lamination for safety.

We will help you with pricing and sizing.

Find our information:

The glass Mirropane has the same appearance as a two way mirror. Same as the two way mirror the Mirropane is only reflective on one side. but with tempering we can strengthen by tenfold. The glass can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Our glass has a highly durable coating which can be cleaned with standard cleaner.

What is it Exactly?

Mirropane is a special kind of reflective glass coating.The glass is a grey tinted color. One on side it looks like a light grey tinted window. Then on the other it’s an ordinary mirror.

  • 1 side is reflective, other side is transparent.
  • Temperable to increase strength by 10x
  • Has a durable coating which can be cleaned with standard cleaners
  • Add window tint to non-reflective side to increase privacy and security

Optional places to use Mirropane:




Electronic stores

Cash Offices


Police Interrogation rooms

Mirropane Diagram

A perfect example of using a Mirropane is in a Police station. Giving a perfect illusion of hiding other observers watching the interrogation.

This is our video on Pilkington Mirropane !

Pilkington Mirropane

YouTube Channel: @ Two Way Mirrors

Lighting the Sides

Subject Side

The subject side should have very even lighting. It should be decorated in light colors that create shadows. With even lighting the subject won’t be able to see through the Mirropane.

Observer side

The observer side should have very low lighting. The colors of the wall should be darker and uniform. Also any observers should be at least one foot away from the Mirropane.

NO lights should be directly pointed Mirropane or the illusion won’t work.

Can you cut Mirropane?

Indeed you can! It’s just a simple score and blade method.


Tempered glass cannot be cut.


If you have any questions at all. Send us an Email or give us a Call ! We will be happy to help you.

Comments or Suggestions

We welcome any and all suggestions and creations. Leave us a comment!  We will consider it for a future videos and projects to create,.


Work Number: (419) 787 – 4526

Some of our Product Video!

We have tons of products. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more our products and us.

Matrix Video

Non-Reversing Mirror

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